Totally Georgeous

Support for business


The following provides more information on what we’re doing to support businesses during the construction phase of the project.

Welcome signage

At each end of the roadworks, there will be signage to welcome in foot traffic, it will feature the logos of all of the businesses on the affected block. A range of signage will be installed to inform the public that you are open for business, and whereabouts they can walk, drive and park. This signage will come in a range of formats and may be customised with your business’s logo in certain situations.

Marketing campaign

During construction the we will run regular marketing campaigns across radio, print and online media to encourage people to continue to visit the central city. These campaigns will be updated monthly as the areas of work change. We’re talking to the media and issuing media releases which update everyone on the project’s progress. These may include the names and / or logos of all business in the affected block, provided they wish to participate.

Totally Georgeous Newsletter

The project team have created a monthly newsletter to keep businesses in the loop with developments.

Digital enabling workshops

A series of workshops will be provided to help upskill local businesses in the digital space. The workshops will be free for central city businesses to attend and will include sessions on website development, social media management, and database marketing. In addition to this Business South are offering business mentoring and capability building for local retailers.

Parking and transport

We will use our social media channels and website to make sure that the public are informed about where they can park and what public transport options are available during construction. We can provide you with digital maps to use in your own marketing material. We will also do our best to make temporary tweaks to nearby on-street parking arrangements to help offset the loss of on-street parking within construction areas.

Protective scrim

During the construction phase, custom designed scrim (mesh) will cover the fencing that will be erected around the roadworks. Scrim helps to stop construction materials from reaching footpaths and helps to keep the public safe from works, whilst still providing visibility so that everyone can see the work progressing.

Fees support

Waiving of outdoor dining fees If you have outdoor dining areas. We recognise these areas may be impacted by construction. For those who pay DCC fees for these areas, we will extend your permit period by the same time we are upgrading your block for, essentially waiving your fees for that period. The construction team will also work with you to find alternative temporary areas while we replace infrastructure right outside your business if this is required.

Staying in touch

We want to hear from you. Talk to us - we want to understand what is important to you and what we can do to minimise disruption to your business. Tell us about any ideas that you have to attract more customers during this period or what marketing tools we might be able to assist with.