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Summary of consultation

Community engagement on the draft 10 year plan 2021-31 took place between 23 March and 29 April 2021. A consultation document called ‘tō tātou eke whakamuir / the future of us’, was developed and distributed to the community. It set out key issues and proposals for the 10 year plan.

Community feedback

The consultation document sought specific feedback on five topics, kerbside collection, moving around our city, community housing, a performing arts venue, and public toilets.  It also invited general feedback.

Council received 2,327 submissions (both on-line and in hard copy), social media comments, responses to online polls on specific topics, and feedback through community engagement activities and events.

All the community feedback was categorised into 60 topics.  The 20 most commented on topics were:

TopicNumber of comments
Public toilets 1,023
Kerbside rubbish and recycling collection 903
Moving around our city 785
Performing arts venue 708
Our role as landlord - community housing 603
10 year plan general comments 188
Transport amenity requests 177
Parking 172
Rates 108
Parks and recreation amenity requests 96
Transport looking after what we have 92
Responding to climate change 68
Bus fares 67
Live music 62
Reducing our waste 59
3 waters looking after what we have 56
Debt 50
Parks and recreation looking after what we have 50
The bridge 46
Growth and planning changes 45

Council decision making

Council considered the community feedback received at its deliberations meeting on Monday 31 May to Thursday 3 June 2021.  The following is a summary of the decisions made at that meeting.  A complete record of the decisions can be found in the meeting minutes on the DCC website.

Public toilets

Council plans to build a new Changing Places bathroom, and put in two new toilets each year from 2022/23 to 2030/31.  Council asked the community where the new public toilets should be located.

Council approved the following 10 year programme:

YearProgramme for a changing places bathroom and new public toilet locations
Year 1 2021/2022 Moray Place beside the central library. This will be a Changing Places bathroom.
Year 2 2022/2023 Central city, The Exchange area (existing toilets in Dowling Street will be removed); Harbour cycleway, St Leonards*;
Year 3 2023/2024Otago Peninsula, Harwood Reserve*; South Dunedin, Navy Park;
Year 4 2024/2025 North Dunedin, close to North Ground sports ground; Karitane, Truby King Reserve*;
Year 5 2025/2026 North Dunedin, Ross Creek area; Waitati, Doctors Point*;
Year 6 2026/2027Green Island Memorial Park playground*; Central city, Princes Street Market Reserve;
Year 7 2027/2028Mosgiel, Brooklands park area*;Otago Peninsula, Okia Reserve*;
Year 8 2028/2029Purakaunui Reserve*;Otago Peninsula, Tomahawk beach*;
Year 9 2029/2030 South Dunedin, St Kilda beach; Harbour cycleway, Harbour mouth molars area
Year 10 2030/2031Waldronville, Kaikorai Estuary area*; North Dunedin, Maori Hill/Highgate area;

*- indicates Community Board area

Kerbside collection

Council sought feedback from the community on two options for future kerbside collection.

  • Option 1 – Four bins costing $270 - $310 each year, and an optional garden waste bin that would cost an additional $140 - $180 each year.
  • Option 2 – Three bins, costing $260 - $300 each year.

The Council adopted option 1, four bins plus one, as the new kerbside collection service, with new services expected to begin in mid-2023.

Moving around our city – Shaping Future Dunedin Transport programme

Six projects were developed to ensure that transport disruption is minimised during and after the construction of the new Dunedin Hospital.  The community was asked to provide feedback on which should be provided for in the 10 year plan.  The six projects are:

  • Harbour arterial improvements ($16.6 million)
  • Central city parking management ($11 million)
  • Park and ride facilities at Mosgiel and Burnside ($10.3 million)
  • Princes Street bus priority ($6.6 million)
  • Central cycle and pedestrian improvements ($5 million)
  • Central city bike hubs, parking and facilities ($2.5 million)

The Council approved all six projects be provided for in the 10 year plan.

Performing arts venue

Community feedback was sought on two options for a mid-sized performing arts venue as follows:

  • Option 1 – The Athenaeum with a budget of $17.1 million capital costs, and $4.6 million ongoing costs each year once open.
  • Option 2 – The Mayfair Theatre with a budget of $31.2 million capital costs, and $3.7 million ongoing costs each year once open.

The Council decided that further engagement is to be undertaken with the performing arts community, in time for options to be considered for the 2022/23 Annual Plan.  Council also decided that the amount of $17.1 million provided for in the 10 year plan be retained for the future development of a theatre.

Our role as landlord - community housing

Feedback was sought on three matters relating to community housing, as follows:

  • Should rates be used to subsidise rents for the DCC’s community housing;
  • Should the DCC prioritise its community housing for people aged 65 and over;
  • How much should the DCC invest in building new community housing over the next 10 years:
    • Option 1 – spend $10 million to build more community housing, or
    • Option 2 – spend $20 million to build more community housing.

Council supported rates being used to subsidise rents and decided that the amount of subsidy funded by rates revenue would be 10%.  Council also asked that a review of the Revenue and Financing Policy for community housing be completed in time for the 2022/23 Annual Plan.

In terms of prioritising community housing for people aged 65 and over, Council has asked staff to undertake a broader review of the Council’s waiting list criteria, based on feedback received in submissions.  This review will be considered by Council in the first year of this 10 year plan.

Council decided that $20 million will be included in the 10 year plan to build more community housing, being $2 million each year over the 10 year period.

Funding requests

A number of funding requests were received during the community engagement period.  Council decided to support the following requests:

Community Grants City services grants - increase the budget by $40,000 to a total of $448,100 in year 1 of the and then inflation adjust it annually in year 2 to 10 of the 10 year plan.
Place-based fund – increase the budget from $300,000 per annum to $550,000 per annum by 2026/27.  Year 1 will increase by $100,000, followed by five $30,000 increases each year to 2026/27.
Māori and Pasifika Innovation Fund – provide $90,000 annually, and approach the Otago Community Trust to partner with Council to match the funding.
Māori Development Fund – provide $75,000 annually to support local marae.
Parks and recreation Increase payment to Tomahawk Smaills Beachcare Trust from $6,500 per annum to $13,000 per annum for years 1 – 3 of the 10 year plan.
Provide an additional $5,000 annual grant to the Middlemarch Swimming Club.
Increase the annual grant for Mountain Bike Otago by $50,000 per annum, for the maintenance and development of mountain bike tracks on Council land.
Include a grant budget of $187,500 in year 1 of the 10 year plan to contribute to the cost of replacing the external structure of the Dunedin North Intermediate School swimming pool.  Note the grant will be the lesser of $187,500 or 37.5% of the actual cost.
Wildlife Hospital A grant of $75,000 per annum for years 1 – 3 of the 10 year plan to be provided to the Wildlife Hospital.
Otago Museum A grant of $175,000 in year 2 of the 10 year plan to contribute to the Otago Museum’s seismic survey of its campus.

Things the council will investigate

The Council agreed to look into a number of matters as a result of community feedback on the 10 year plan.

Parks and recreation Staff will work with Sport Otago, Otago Polytechnic, Tennis Otago and other stakeholders on options for a sports hub facility at Logan Park, and report back to Council in time for the 2022/23 Annual Plan.
Staff will work with Sport Otago, Dunedin Gymnastics Academy and gym clubs to investigate options to find suitable facilities for their activities in the Sports Facilities Review Report.
Staff will continue working with Cricket Otago to investigate a permanent greenhouse that supports covered outdoor training pitches for year round use, with a report on options by December 2021.
Investigate options for the development of a Destination Playground, in time for the 2022/23 Annual Plan.
Taskforce Green The Council will investigate options for possible additional support in time for the 2022/23 Annual Plan.
Archives Staff will continue to work with ARANZ and other stakeholders to accommodate the city archives.
Property Staff will continue to work with the Port Chalmers Foundry Trust and other stakeholders on developing options for making the Sims Building safe, and report back in time for the 2022/23 Annual Plan.
Live Music Include $10,000 in the budget to facilitate the creation of a Live Music Action Plan with interested parties.