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Submitter name Organisation
(if applicable)
Abadie, Maria
Acres, Barton
Adam, Daryl
Adams, C/- Jemma Dunedin Theatre Network
Affleck, Ashleigh N/A
Alderton, Steph
Alliott, John
Amer, Mira
Amer, Mira
Anderson, Catherine
Anderson, Karen n/a
Anderson, Dr Barbara West Harbour Community Board
Bain, Jo
Bainbridge-Zafar, Dave
Barnes-Wilkie, C J
Batchelor, Carmen Presbyterian Support Otago
Bennett, Dave Save Dunedin Live Music
Bezemer, Nicole Tomahawk-Smaills BeachCare Trust
Billyard, Sonya
Borrie, Lucinda
Bouwer, Greg Mountain Biking Otago
Bowden, Catherine First Union
Brigham, Caz None
Brinsdon, Karl
Brown, Colin Taieri Cycle Trail Group
Brown, Lissie
Bunce, Jenny
Burrow, Cam Dunedin Rugby Club & St Clair Surf Lifesaving
Burton, John Association of Friends of the Museum
Bush, Loretta
Bush, Andrew
Butt, Sophie
Cameron, Cleve Big Street Bikers
Campbell, Jazmin Alchemist Mixology
Campbell, Luke
Casey, Brigid Association of Friends of the Tūhura Otago Museum
Christie, Brendan
Churchman, Fergus
Citizen, Joe
Clarke, Simon Tahuna Normal Intermediate School
Clements, Owen
Collins, Mike Business South Inc
Cooper, Emily Coastal Communities Cycle Connection
Craig, Melissa
Cross, Clare Open Valley Urban Ecosanctuary (VUE)/ The Valley Project
Davidge, Lachie
Davidson, Duncan
Davies-Colley, Taylor Orokonui Ecosanctuary
Davies-Colley, Taylor Town Belt Kaitiaki
Davis, Sarah
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