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Accessibility in our consultation process

We want all people in Dunedin to be able to participate in having their say on the 10 year plan.

This year we’ve improved the accessibility of the 10 year plan, with videos, captions and audio. We’ve focused primarily on actions to improve accessibility for customers, but we’re also taking actions to increase staff awareness of accessibility barriers.

The New Zealand Disability Strategy 2016–2026 includes an outcome relating to Accessibility: We access all places, services and information with ease and dignity.

This means providing communication channels that are accessible to everyone. This year, the DCC has moved a further step toward attaining that goal. Unfortunately, there was a delay with the timing, so this information could not be released at the same time as the printed document and we will do our best to address this in future years.

Our videos are available below as a playlist. They include a message from our mayor and information from our draft 10 year plan relating to our environment, our people, our city and our finances.

To view the full list of videos, please click the button on the top right of the video screen.

NZ Sign Language – Draft 10 year plan videos

Listen to the draft 10 year plan