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Sonya Billyard


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The Waikouaiti Community Response Group was formed in co-ordination with POWA (Progress of Waikouaiti Area) in 2018. The group made up of local volunteers have worked closely with Emergency Management Otago, specifically with Paul Allen and more recently Andy McKenzie-Everitt. A comprehensive Community Response Plan has been developed and numerous training session conducted. Through POWA dissemination of 'getting ready' information has been promoted to help ensure we have local resilient communities. A 'get ready' expo has been hosted in 2022 to engage with local first responders, emergency services and EOM to educate the local communities. First steps have been taken to set up a Community Response Hub for Karitane to cover the low lying areas in the event of an emergency. To date the Waikouaiti group have opened the Community Hub to help assist with flooding events, from stranded travellers to providing information.

What other ideas should we be thinking about to include in future plans for our city?
In the event of an emergency, specifically something on a larger scale, the Waikouaiti Events Centre Community Hub is not equiped if the power is out. There is no emergency lighting, no means to heat food or heating of any kind. No ability to charge phones and no radio connection with other local community groups, e.g. Karitane or Waitati. We do however have a direct line to EMO. The group have taken steps to ensure food and blankets are on site at all times. Moving forward we think it imperative funding and support be provided to ALL community hubs / community response groups in the Council area. All groups should have the same provisions e.g. emergency lighting, torches, generator or gas bbq's as an example. They should have access to a template providing necessary documentation (we have this on site but apparently its the property of EMO, not for our use). There needs immediately action to make a clear directive on liability and who is providing the support as it is not coming from EMO currently.