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Karl Brinsdon


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Dunedin’s music scene is seriously at risk.

What other ideas should we be thinking about to include in future plans for our city?
We need significantly more support for music. The issue of a mid-sized venue persists with bands who regularly go on tour nationally either stopping at Christchurch or skipping Dunedin and going to Invercargill. This takes away opportunities for local musicians to perform as support acts giving them little opportunity to increase their fanbase. Venues are struggling, there is still the threat if noise control shutting down events as central as Moray Place. If live music performance remains vulnerable to noise complaints it appears that music is not a valued part of Dunedin culture, this is highly discouraging for our musicians and anyone considering opening a venue or already operating one. The loss of venues over the past decade has resulted in a very small number of venues that suit bands. Those venues are now booked out months in advance, further decreasing the opportunities for musicians to perform. Venues need the support of the council to ensure that opportunities for musicians are retained.