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Lissie Brown


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I am concerned about the percentage of funding provided for Otago Museum. The future is informed by the past. Indeed past present and future are connected. If more funding, that keeps up with inflation, is not given to the museum, the city is at risk of loosing one if its greatest assets. Please fund the museum at a 7% increase to keep in line with inflation, so they can keep doing all the good things they do for our city. If this does not happen fewer children will have access to free Museum education programmes for schools.  The museums ability to maintain the community’s taoka, historic treasures, and scientific collection will be compromised and there will be less local scientific research for Otago.   Tourism for the region will falter and the whole city will suffer.

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Make Te Pukenga aware of the importance of the Dunedin School of Art to Dunedin City as there are serious concerns that it may be shut down. This is the oldest and most reputable art school in the country, providing exceptional art education and carrer opportunities for so many... If there is anything the council can do to ensure the future of the art school, please someone be proactive and make it happen, before it's too late!