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Duncan Davidson


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We need to make dealing with climate change our absolutely #1 priority. And councillors and Council staff need to quit kidding themselves that we can carry on with the status quo with a few green tweaks around the edges. Don't host international sporting events or concerts etc that have massive carbon footprints.

What other ideas should we be thinking about to include in future plans for our city?
Push ahead with projects like the Dunedin Tunnels Trail. Make this a transport priority as it has the potential to allow substantial numbers of Mosgiel residents to leave the car at home and cycle to work or school. This would have huge number of benefits, not only reducing CO2 emissions, but also reducing congestion and parking conflict, improving people's physical and mental health and making Dunedinites more resilient in the face of climate change challenges, global conflict and natural disasters. There are also the tourism benefits of the Dunedin Tunnels Trail. It would be a very attractive, almost zero-carbon way for Dunedinites to enjoy a local weekend bike ride that starts at their frontgate with the car left at home, and would also make Dunedin much more accessible to to cycle tourists coming from other parts of nz.