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Colin Brown

Taieri Cycle Trail Group

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Finally getting he tunnels cycle trail is great.

What other ideas should we be thinking about to include in future plans for our city?
Partially funding the Mosgiel to Outram section of the soon to be built Taieri Cycle Trail. When the Mosgiel to Outram cycle trail gets built (as the first section of the Mosgiel to Waihola cycle trail presently in final stages of a comprehensive feasibility study and route plan), in addition to providing the tourist and recreational cycle trail connection between the Tunnels trail and the Clutha Gold trail, it will also become an important commuter route. At 14km length and on flat terrain, it makes cycling a viable alternative to cars for travel between Mosgiel and the wider Outram area. Outram and Taieri Plains residents will have the ability to cycle off road to Mosgiel for activities such as - Schooling (attending Taieri College) - Saturday sports teams (cricket, rugby, netball, etc) - swimming at the new Mosgiel pool - work In addition, it will provide Mosgiel and surrounds people an easy non-vehicle means of getting to Outram Glen on warm summer days. Accordingly, suggest that funding be set aside to assist with construction and ongoing maintenance of the proposed Taieri Cycle Trail