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Barton Acres


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I think you're doing OK. My main concern is balancing 'growth', with realistic understandings of what the future holds for human civilisation, and to preserve those things which will help us, and the ecosystem / biosphere at large, as we move into the future. So, for consenting of new development, green field housing development etc, retention of native bush, and creation of new native bush, should be a primary consideration. Maintaining and improving urban and peri urban biodiversity will help to buffer the affects of climate change in many ways - by stabilising land, absorbing surplus water in rain events, levelling out temperature extremes via pocketed air held under bush canopy, shelter from winds, help to keep ground water clean, and provide great amenity and tourism value by having a green and eco friendly city.

What other ideas should we be thinking about to include in future plans for our city?
No development on areas of land containing biodiversity / native bush. And creation of new pockets of native bush with each new greenfield or brownfield development.