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John Alliott


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Your lauded rates rise of "only" 6.5% is a disgrace in these times of extreme economic hardship. For those of us living on a benefit especially, times a very hard now and even buying food is a difficulty. Meantime you continue to spend up big with ratepayers 'money on non-essential leisure and decorating expenses around the city. For example the Mornington roundabout with thousands of bedding plants, instead of grass which is cheap to instal and to maintain. In these economic times you should be spending only on essential items and not discretionary leisure items such as the long cycle way from town to Port Chalmers. God only knows how much that is costing and at best it will be used by a tiny minority of ratepayers. Frankly, you should be ashamed of yourselves. The mess of George street is another expensive catastrophe and you have repeatedly ignored ratepayers' expression of favour to keep George Street with dual way traffic. With your imposed new scheme there will be a bad flow on effect on retailers and a closing down of stores since, who will bother to go into town? Your largesse with ratepayers' money seems to know no bounds.

What other ideas should we be thinking about to include in future plans for our city?
Zero rate increases - seriously!!!