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tō tātou eke whakamuri

the future of us

Welcome to the Dunedin City Council’s draft 10 year plan for 2021-31.

The 10 year plan helps shape our city for the future. The plan outlines the services and activities the DCC aims to provide, the things we want to do and the level of service the community can expect.

Feedback on the Dunedin City Council’s draft 10 year plan 2021-31 closed at noon on Thursday, 29 April 2021, following a five week consultation period.

We’ll update this website with results of the consultation soon.

Councillors will meet 10-13 May to hear submissions, before deliberations take place 31 May-4 June. The final 10 year plan will be approved on 30 June 2021.

Find out more about these key topics

Read more about accessibility in our consultation process

Key dates

23 March

Feedback starts

27 March – 29 April

Feedback activities and events

29 April

Feedback closes

10 May – 13 May


31 May – 4 June

The Council considers your feedback

30 June

10 year plan approved