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Submitter name Organisation
(if applicable)
Pooley, Marlene Brockville
Pooley, Marlene Otago Military History Group
Pope, Paul Otago Peninsula Community Board, Chairperson
Porteous, Robert
Porteous, Peter
Powell, Judy
Prasetyo, Nadia
Presswell, Bronwen Department of Zoology, University of Otago
Ramsay, Michelle
Rawling, Matt
Rodgers, Jen The Valley Project
Rose, Michael
Ross, Jason
Ruffell, Maia
Ruffell, Maia
Salt, Amanda Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust
Schruba, Irina
Scott, Maree
Seddon, Philip
Sharpe, Miriam
Silva, Marce
Simms, Andrew Mosgiel Taieri Community Board
Simpson, Craig Watershed Solutions
Simpson, Nathan
Simpson-Boyce, Emma
Stevens, Robina
Stevenson, Edna
Stienstra, Marama
Sung, Y
Taneatuatua, L
Taylor, Nathan
Theobald, Dave
Thompson, Fraser
Thomson, Paul
Tinning, Abby
Trevathan, Carrol
Tynan, Mark
Walker, Ruth
Wallace, Elizabeth Department of Conservation
Weatherall, Colin item 1 Chair D L C item 2/ resident of city
Weir, Paul Saddle Hill Community Board
Wesley-Smith, Nadia Te Rūnanga o Ōtākou
Whyte, Jordana Dunedin Wildlife Hospital
Wierda-Bouwman, Maria
Williams, Barry Strath Taieri Community Board
Wilson, Debbie
Wither, Ant Biker
Wood, Antonia Plogging Ōtepoti Dunedin
Woodfield, Nathan
albert, denis
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