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Lucinda Borrie


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I LOVE dunedin, but after travelling to many other regional cities I think we can do SOOOOO much better to showcase our city

What other ideas should we be thinking about to include in future plans for our city?
So many easy things (i am a st clair resident!) - St Clair Prominade , it has planter boxes that are a huge disappointment with no plants in and mostly dog poo! I look at all the fancy roundabouts in roslyn that get changes out all the time and wonder why st clair cant have that! We could have the plants that are taken out! Or just plant some natives - St clair esplande - my golly why and earth is this not pedistrians only outside salt, starfish and esplande and you can only drive in from the other end, it could be an amazing play space, area for communities to gather, BBQ area, skateboard area, and have a place where food trucks can come every now and then. So many cities have places like this that just thrive! - Also the car park in st clair by Titi - turn this into grass or playgorund or something and then the grass behind could be a car park, its crazy that the cars get the views - I LOVE what you are doing in George st - I know it is taking a while and all the old dunedin warts are complaining but i think this will be great and bring people back to the city - look at city centres like chch - they are thriving behind the new design, I just hope our will be as cool :) - Dunedin is all a bit grubby - I had a visitor from Aus here recently and her comment is, a cool city but it feels like the whole city needs a good waterblast and clean up, everything is just a bit dated - How long is it going to take to get a destination playground - it have been all talk for 8 years since i moved her - just do it, and do it well, again like the CHCH Mahy playground. Stop talking about it and take action - money well spent!